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and so the story continues

| Saturday, November 19, 2011
our new home is up.
you can visit us here. (link removed)

the beginning of the end and the start of something more amazing

| Tuesday, November 1, 2011
photo taken here.

whew, what a title! i think, among the less than 300 entries i made spanning about three years of blogging, this post has the longest title so far. and for good reasons, i should say.

as most of you may have noticed in the past months, all entries pertaining to my love life has been deliberately removed. there was no mention of jason whatsoever. yes, not even a single one that's why some concerned friends started asking if something bad happened. i assure you now, we are still together and we are stronger than ever. hindi makikipagbreak sa akin 'yun. ang ganda ko kaya! charot!

but something did happen. and it was bad enough to make me pull out all my entries about him.

i tried to continue writing but then i realized, this blog was never the same again. it's like a big part of its existence has been erased. it's like the story was never whole. then it hit me, i cannot write again knowing that there's a big empty space in here, that my readers will never know where i'm coming from, from what perspective i am writing.

and so i made a huge leap.

this november, our new on-line journal will go live and this one will cease to exist. yes, jason and i will be moving into our new home in blogspace, bringing with us our rich history. yes, we are that sentimental.

the new blog will chronicle our life together, life with family and friends, heck, even the frustrations of our jobs. occassionaly, you will still be able to read very juicy chikas and bitchiness that i know you all come to love. and, at 29, i cannot claim to be good at anything interesting yet so it will remain a personal blog. however, there would be less of "me" and more of "us".

so what happens next?

i've been asking this question long enough.

"i found love" would not have been appropriate.

so i guess my answer would be a simple "we'll see...".